Upload Files with Authentication

This node will upload the given local file paths to a network share.

Authentication: To use the network functionality of this node you must specify workflow credentials. This node will not automatically use your local login credentials.


Network Share Path:
The full path to the network share and directory that you wish to copy the files to.
Local File Path Column:
Optional column containing paths to local files that should be copied to the server. Either this or 'Local File Path Variable' must be set.
Local File Path Variable:
Optional variable containing a single path to a local that should be copied to the server. Either this or 'Local File Path Column' must be set.
Network Share Path:
Whether the node should overwrite any existing files with the same name already on the share. Note that existing files will be overwritten without confirmation.

Input Ports

Optional input containing files that are to be uploaded to the network share.

Output Ports

UNC paths to the copied files on the network share.


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