Send Email

Use to send HTML or plaintext emails from an external SMTP server. Attachments from the filesystem may also be included. Authentication is supported via workflow or node level credentials and connection security via STARTTLS and SSL are both supported.



Email address of the intended recipient

Carbon Copy: Additional recipients who may also be interested in the message.

Blind Carbon Copy: Additional recipients to receive discrete copies of the message (TO and CC recipients will not see who is BCC'd).
Email address that the reply message is sent (different email address than the FROM)
The Subject of your message.
The body of your message. Note that the list to the left of the text box allows you to reference flow variables in your message.
The X-Priority flag in the mail header. Standard email clients display the email in different styles depending on the flag.
Choose whether your message should be interpreted as plain text or HTML. Note, if HTML is chosen you will have to enter HTML tags manually. This option is mostly useful when used in conjunction with flow variables, whereby a flow variable contributes the email text.


File Chooser
Choose a file (or more than one) to attach to your email. To include temporary data from your KNIME workflow, consider using a Create Temp. Dir. node along with the relevant file writers to create your attachments. The trash icon will remove the selected file, and the up/down arrows will reorder the attachments in the final email.

Mail Host (SMTP)

The domain name of your SMTP server.
The port on which to connect to your SMTP server (25, 465, 587 are popular choices, but check with you mail provider).
An alternate return address for this message (Only if supported by your SMTP host).
SMTP Host Authentication
Check this box if your SMTP host requires authentication.
Workflow Credentials
Enable workflow level credentials. These must be defined for the workflow in the KNIME Explorer by selecting "Workflow Credentials" from the context menu for an open workflow.
User Name / Password
Enter your user name and password if using simple authentication (as opposed to the Workflow Credentials described above).
Connection Security
Choose a method for secure communication with your SMTP Host. SSL or STARTTLS will use these methods respectively, while None will send your data unencrypted over the network.

Input Ports

An an optional flow variable port which may be used to control the message content and node settings.

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


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