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Node Generator

Integrate Web APIs into KNIME

NodePit for KNIME

Unleash your KNIME Analytics Platform with NodePit for KNIME.

NodePit Runner

Workflows Around The Clock!

OpenAI Nodes

Harnessing the potential of language and images to fuel extraordinary possibilities

DeepL Nodes

The World’s Most Accurate and Nuanced Machine Translation for KNIME

NodePit Power Nodes

Everything a Pro User Needs!


Your survival toolkit in the daily jungle of Web Information Extraction, Text Classification, and Geo Data.

NodePit Batch

Run your KNIME workflows headless

Sentry Nodes

Working Code, Happy Customers

Elasticsearch Nodes

Take control of your search. Handle and query documents from Elasticsearch within KNIME.

AsciiDoc Nodes

Free the BIRT! Reports Made Easy!

World News API Nodes

The only News API you'll ever need.

Jira Nodes

Unlock Jira's Potential: Bridging Data Seamlessly in KNIME

mbox Nodes

Get emails from POP3 and IMAP servers and work with mbox files

Spellchecker Nodes

Easy spell checking and correction for more than 25 languages

Example Nodes

The Ultimate Node Template to Boost Your Node Development!

Dropbox Nodes

Dropbox meets KNIME! Connect with your Dropbox and access all your files from within KNIME.

spoonacular Nodes

The only food API you'll ever need.

Spotify Nodes

Explore the World of Music and Podcasts!

Open Legal Data Nodes

Free Access to Legal Information

News API Nodes

Search worldwide news with KNIME

Cyface Nodes

Software for analysing road usage and road surface quality.

Barcode Nodes

Encode and decode all kinds of barcodes and QR codes like a pro.


Ruby scripting nodes for KNIME.