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NodePit for KNIME

NodePit for KNIME is an extension that brings the whole functionality of NodePit to your KNIME Analytics Platform. NodePit for KNIME allows you to easily search, explore, upload, and download nodes and workflows without even leaving the KNIME Analytics Platform. To see, what’s new, check out the changelog.

NodePit for KNIME is a free extension. We recommend you to create a NodePit account to gather the best possible user experience. This allows you to use features such as bookmarking and uploading of workflows. Get your free NodePit account here.

We are always happy to get your feedback and support. Do not hesitate to contact us via our feedback form.

NodePit for KNIME


NodePit for KNIME comes with a bunch of major and minor features and functionalities. The following core features are part of this extension:

NodePit View

NodePit View brings you the browser experience of NodePit into your KNIME Analytics Platform. NodePit View it is a dedicated view that let you search and browse our website from within KNIME. No need to switch windows.

But it is not only that! NodePit View also helps you to easily install or update nodes and workflows with just one click. Find the node or workflow you'd like to use and let NodePit View install it for you. No copying of urls or downloading files manually.

NodePit Space

NodePit Space is our “Dropbox for KNIME Workflows”. And it is as easy and fast as this. Upload your workflows to NodePit, share what you want with friends, colleagues, or the world and access everything from everywhere at any time – from your browser or within KNIME.

Once configured, NodePit Space shows up in your KNIME explorer. Drag and drop workflows to automatically have them uploaded to NodePit. Everything you put into your public folder will be indexed by us and shows up on our website. Everything you put anywhere else is just for your private usage.

Start using NodePit Space to sync, backup and share the workflows you are most proud of!

Further Links


To use this product in KNIME, install NodePit for KNIME from the following update site:


A zipped version of the software site can be downloaded here.

You don't know what to do with this link? Read our NodePit Product and Node Installation Guide that explains you in detail how to install nodes to your KNIME Analytics Platform.

Wait a sec! You want to explore and install nodes even faster? We highly recommend our NodePit for KNIME extension for your KNIME Analytics Platform. Browse NodePit from within KNIME, install nodes with just one click and share your workflows with NodePit Space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get NodePit Space? The KNIME Explorer does not show anything.

Once you have installed the latest version of NodePit for KNIME, go to File → Preferences → KNIME → NodePit and enter username and password of your NodePit account. A free account can be created here. Afterwards, go to File → Preferences → KNIME → KNIME Explorer and add a new mount point of type NodePit. You are all set! Close the preferences window and find a new entry for NodePit Space in your KNIME Explorer view. Drag and drop workflows as you like.

How do I use NodePit Space to share workflows with other users?

Every workflow you save in your public folder is automatically and immediately indexed by NodePit and shows up on our website in section Workflows → NodePit Space → username → public. Browse there, grab the link to your workflow and provide it to your peers. They are able to download your workflow from NodePit.

Uploading a workflow to NodePit Space fails with “Unexpected response (413 Payload Too Large)”. What is going on?

We currently have limited the size of single workflows you are able to upload to 10 megabytes. Once we have made experiences on how you are using NodePit Space, we will modify this file limit or remove at all. For now, you might (1) reset your workflow before uploading and/or (2) remove large files from the workflow folder to reduce the resulting file size.