NodePit for KNIME: Installation

You'd like to get your hands on the new NodePit for KNIME? Follow the below steps to install and set up this product in your KNIME Analytics Platform. If you are struggling with installing products and nodes to your KNIME Analytics Platform, please get in touch with us using our feedback form.

Install via Update Site

After starting KNIME, go to File → Preferences → Install/Update → Available Software Sites, click on Add… and paste the update site. Make sure the update site matches your current KNIME version.

In order to install nodes behind a firewall or proxy server, most developers also provide update sites as ZIP archives for download. If a zipped update site is available, NodePit will also list this in the Installation section in the side bar on each product and node page. In order to install nodes from a zipped update site file, add a new update site by hitting the Archive… button and select the downloaded ZIP file. Attention: Keep in mind, that you will have to take care of keeping your installation up-to-date by manually downloading new versions regularly.

Add Software Site

Once added, save and close the preferences window, choose File → Install KNIME Extensions… and select the product's name for installation. Follow the instructions and restart KNIME when prompted to do so. After a successful installation, you will find the freshly installed nodes in your Node Repository.

You might see a warning regarding missing signing/certificates. You can safely ignore this. Most community developers of free and open source products do not sign their products to avoid large costs for acquiring certificates.

Install Product and Nodes