NodePit Runner

Workflows Around The Clock!

NodePit Runner is the perfect complement to the KNIME Analytics Platform and allows you to deploy, execute and monitor your KNIME workflows in the cloud or on-premises as easy as running them locally. Login to NodePit Runner, select your favorite KNIME environment, create a schedule and upload a workflow… from now on your workflow will be executed at regular intervals without any further actions by you. Super easy!

Three Steps to Set Up Your Runner

You don't want to set up your own NodePit Runner today, but would like to explore our NodePit Runner demo instance first? Please send us an email with your details and we will send you further instructions.


Schedule Workflows Without Pain
Let your workflows or scripts run automatically based on a schedule. Monitor its progress and access workflow results and artefacts with just one single click.
Flexible KNIME Environments
Easily define the KNIME environment in which your workflow should run. Just configure what you need and NodePit Runner makes sure the proper KNIME version and extensions are at your service. You need Python or some rare library? Just define it! You need KNIME 4.2, or even KNIME 3.6 or the latest nightly version? Just create a second environment! You need to change some properties? Everything is just one click away!
Organize Your Work
Projects at your service! Organize your environments, files, schedules and runs into projects by team, topic or any other way you like. Even better, projects can be shared with other users to encourage collaboration and work towards the same goal.
Easy Configuration
NodePit Runner supports KNIME properties files, workflow variables and workflow credentials. Build your workflow and parameterize it on execution time.
No friend of graphical interfaces? Use the Runner’s REST API to create, update and trigger workflows. Or even better… use the NodePit Runner Nodes to control NodePit Runner from within the KNIME Analytics Platform.
Multi-User Support and Access Management
You have multiple users in your company? No worries, NodePit Runner supports multi-user management and lets each and every user have its own environments, files, schedules, and workflows. If you want to collaborate, projects give you the ability to share your work with others.
All Features and Unlimited Resources
Don’t worry about feature lists, included teams and users or resource consumption limits. NodePit Runner provides you with all features and unlimited resources for a fixed price. Easy as pie!
Cloud or On-Premises
Just use our cloud service or host your very own NodePit Runner within your network, your data center or your cloud. Our easy setup procedure lets you start within minutes. No dedicated server administrator necessary.
Powered and Maintained by NodePit
Since more than five years we drive innovation in the KNIME universe and deliver free and commercial high-quality nodes and workflows to community and partners. Benefit from our expertise and run your workflows the “NodePit Way”.
You’re Missing a Feature?
NodePit Runner has been developed and improved based on numerous feedback from the community. If you miss a feature please get in touch with us.


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