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Integrate Web APIs into KNIME

Node Generator for Web APIs is your free data integration tool to connect KNIME with your public or private REST-based service. The Node Generator converts any OpenAPI or Swagger-based specification, including documentation, schemas, validation, and more into a set of easily distributable and accessible KNIME nodes, ready to be consumed within your users’ workflows.

Say goodbye to the hassles of deciphering complex API documentations and make all the functionality available right at your fingertips. Build the KNIME nodes within seconds from a given YAML or JSON specification – no matter if you have five or five hundreds of API operations.

Profit from NodePit’s passion, love for detail, and a decades of experience of building service integrations for a broad landscape of services.

Getting Started – Build Your Nodes in 5 Minutes

  1. Make sure that you have a Java JDK 17 or higher and Apache Maven installed.

  2. Download the NodePit Node Generator JAR file.

  3. Run the generator with the location of the OpenAPI or Swagger API specification (YAML or JSON); it can be either a path on the local file system or a URL. In the following example we use the Swagger Petstore API:

    java -jar nodegenerator.jar
  4. Build the generated Java code using Maven and generate an update site which you can install into KNIME:

    cd generated
    mvn clean verify
  5. Add the generated P2 update site which you can find in /generated/p2/target/repository to your KNIME application (File → Preferences → Install/Update → Available Software Sites, click Add…, select Local… and point to the path mentioned before) and install your nodes.

Next steps: There is a couple of configuration options available – to see the manual page run:

java -jar nodegenerator.jar


OpenAPI and Swagger Compatibility
Supports all common versions of OpenAPI and Swagger, JSON and YAML formats. The specs can be provided through a local file or directly from a Web URL. Override a spec with your own extensions if needed.
All common authentication mechanisms supported: OAuth, HTTP Basic, Basic, Bearer, API Key – dedicated nodes and ports are created automatically.
Native Nodes
Generates native KNIME nodes without any additional runtime requirements such as Python. No wrapped components. No additional dependencies. No headache. Just plain nodes.
Response Mapping
Automatically or manually map JSON API responses to KNIME a table structure – covers a broad range of KNIME data types, starting from strings and numbers and going to JSON, XML, binary blobs, and images.
Pretty Dialogs
Generates user-friendly configuration dialogs including validation and a broad data type support based on the given schema.
No Coding
No coding skills or node development expertise required, no tedious set up of KNIME, Eclipse or OSGI projects – build ready-to-distribute update sites with a single command. From spec to nodes in one minute.
Trusted Distribution Channel
Distribute your nodes via NodePit free of charge – contact us at
Powered and Maintained by NodePit
Since more than five years we drive innovation in the KNIME universe and deliver free and commercial high-quality nodes and workflows to community and partners.

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