Open Legal Data Nodes

Free Access to Legal Information

Open Legal Data is a free and open platform that makes legal documents and information accessible to the public. Open Legal Data's goal is to enhance the transparency of the jurisdiction with the help of open data and by supporting people without legal education to understand the justice system. The project is committed to the Open Data Principles and the Free Access to Law Movement.

The free Open Legal Data Nodes provided by NodePit allow accessing and analyzing the whole data set of Open Legal Data within the KNIME Analytics Platform. Browse, search and analyze more than 55,000 laws and 250,000 legal cases using the tool you know inside and out.

The Open Legal Data Nodes are free to use without an account within the KNIME Analytics Platform. Open Legal Data requires a free account, which you can get here. Once registered, request an API key and get your journey started.

Open Legal Data Nodes

If you have any questions, comments, or problems, we are happy to hear from you:

We’re not affiliated with or Open Justice e.V., but are proud and happy to provide the Open Legal Data Nodes to further increase the visibility and reach of this awesome open data project.


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To use this product in KNIME, install the extension Open Legal Data Nodes from the below update site:


A zipped version of the software site can be downloaded here.

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