Variable Loop End

Node collecting variables created in a loop. This node closes a loop but does not aggregate data created in the loop but only variables. It can be used to close loops where all the magic happens in the loop itself and no aggregated output is needed. One instance could be a loop over a list of files, whereby each file is processed in one loop iteration (including writing one output file for each input).


Variable selection
The variables that will be collected and put into the output table.
Propagate modified loop variables
If checked, variables whose values are modified within the loop are exported by this node. These variables must be declared outside the loop, i.e. injected into the loop from a side-branch or be available upstream of the corresponding loop start node. For the latter, any modification of a variable is passed back to the start node in subsequent iterations (e.g. moving sum calculation). Note that variables defined by the loop start node itself are excluded as these usually represent loop controls (e.g. "currentIteration").

Input Ports

Flow variables to collect.

Output Ports

Data table with during the loop collected variables.


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