Table Row to Variable

This node uses the first row of a data table to define new flow variables. The names of the variables are defined by the column names and the variable assignments (i.e. the values) are given by the values in the row. The variables are exposed using a variables out connection.


Missing value handling
Allows to specify how to cope with missing values. Note that an empty table is treated as if it would contain only missing values.
  • Fail: Ensures that the node will fail during execution if the input table is empty or contains missing values in the columns to convert
  • Use defaults if available: Replaces any missing value by the (configured) defaults. In case no default value is associated with the missing cell's type the execution will fail.
  • Omit: Missing cells will not be converted and therefore be omitted from the output.
Allows to specify the defaults for String, Boolean, Integer, Long and Double cells.
Column selection
Allows the selection of the those columns whose cells must be converted to flow variables.

Input Ports

The table whose first row will constitute variables' values.

Output Ports

Connection carrying on the variables.


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