File Upload (legacy)

This node is part of the legacy Quick Form nodes and will be deprecated soon. The replacement for this node can be found in the configuration/widget nodes. For more information on these new nodes see this blog post.

Quick Form node that allows uploading a file and exposing that uploaded file using a flow variable. The node view is available in the KNIME WebPortal.

The node supports custom CSS styling. You can simply put CSS rules into a single string and set it as a flow variable 'customCSS' in the node configuration dialog. You will find the list of available classes and their description on our documentation page.


A descriptive label that will be shown in, for instance the WebPortal.
Some lines of description that will be shown in the remote control form, for instance by means of a tooltip.
Hide in Dialog
If the setting should be hidden in a surrounding wrapped metanode dialog.
Variable Name
Variable identifier. By default two variables are created, one with the file path and one with the file URL.
If the default file is defined by a URL only the URL variable will be created.
Parameter Name
Parameter identifier for external parameterization (e.g. batch execution).
Valid File Extensions
A list of file extensions that is used as filter in the file browser (not only the one in the "Default File" option but also in a remote file browser), e.g. ".csv,.csv.gz" will filter for files ending with ".csv" or ".csv.gz". Leave empty to accept any file.
Default File
The file that will be used during design time, i.e. when no file is uploaded by means of the, e.g. KNIME WebPortal.
It is possible to enter a URL here. This can be useful if a default file is to be addressed with the knime:// protocol (e.g. knime://knime.workflow/../data/file.csv) or if the file is present on a remote server.
The time in seconds after which the connection times out. The timeout is used when testing the existence of default files. The default is set to 1 second and should be sufficient in most cases.
Disable output, if file does not exist
If enabled, output port will be disabled, if the provided file does not exist or cannot be accessed.
This option is helpful in the wizard (WebPortal) execution to keep this and subsequent nodes from failing during execution.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Variable output representing the file path as variable. In case an absolute file path is selected the node will populate two variables: one representing the path and one representing the URL. If a URL is selected as default file only the URL variable is defined. Additionally the original file name is retained as a flow variable.


Interactive View: File Upload
View containing the file upload component.




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