Create Temp Dir (legacy)

Creates a temporary directory upon execute and exposes its path as flow variable. This can be useful in (a) demo application where the actual path of the output is not all that relevant, e.g. the KNIME public workflow server and (b) KNIME WebPortal and quickform flows, where some data is written, which is later downloaded by means of, e.g. a web link.

This legacy file handling node has been replaced by Create Temp Folder and will be deprecated in the foreseeable future. For further information about the new file handling framework see the File Handling Guide.


Directory base name
Name prefix of the temporary directory. It will be amended by some random number to ensure uniqueness.
Export path as (variable name)
The name of the exported variable denoting the actual path.
Delete directory on reset
Check this box to delete the directory and all its content when the node is reset.
Create temp directory in workflow directory
Check this box to create the temp directory in the workflow directory (e.g. /path/to/workflow/tmp/base_name). Otherwise, it will be created in the temp directory of the system, which can lead to unwanted behaviour, i.e. missing temp directory due to periodic deletion of the system temp directory or due to swapping a job between systems in a server/executor environment.
Additional path variables
A list of additional variables that will be created by the node. Each variable will denote a path to a file (as opposed to a directory path), whereby the file name is given in the second (file name) column

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Flow Variables with path information.


This node has no views




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