Column Filter

This node allows columns to be filtered from the input table while only the remaining columns are passed to the output table. Within the dialog, columns can be moved between the Include and Exclude list.


Include/exclude columns
Select the columns to include in the output table.
Manual selection:
  • Buttons: Use these buttons to move columns between the Include and Exclude list. Single-arrow buttons will move all selected columns. Double-arrow buttons will move all columns (filtering is taken into account).
  • Any unknown columns: Controls what happens with new columns when the input table changes. If this placeholder is in the include list, then new columns are included, otherwise they are excluded.

  • Pattern: Type a search pattern which matches columns to move into the Include or Exclude list. Which list is used can be specified. You can use either Wildcards ('?' matching any character, '*' matching a sequence of any characters) or Regex. You can specify whether your pattern should be case sensitive and whether the pattern defines the includes or the excludes.

  • Selected types: Select the column types that you want to include.

Input Ports

Table from which columns are to be excluded.

Output Ports

Table excluding selected columns.


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