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Download Files with Authentication

Erlwood Knime Open Source Core version 4.0.0.v201912061042 by Erlwood

This node will create a temporary directory and download to that directory all the files given by the input URLs (samba, file or UNC paths).

Authentication: To use the network functionality of this node you must specify workflow credentials. This node will not automatically use your local login credentials.


File URL Column:
Select the column containing the files to download.
Delete on Reset:
If checked the downloaded files with be deleted when the node is reset.

Input Ports

Input containing at least one column with URLs in either samba, file or UNC format to download.

Output Ports

Output containing the original data set with an additional column containing the paths to the downloaded files in their temporary directory.

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To use this node in KNIME, install Erlwood Knime Open Source Core from the following update site:

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