This category contains 13 nodes.

Atom Selector 

Allows to edit existing molecules and to select atoms.

Chemical File Writer 

Writes chemical structures to a file.

Chemical Reactions File Reader 

Reads chemical reactions from a file.

Chemical Sketcher 

Structure input with MarvinSketch.

Chemical Structures File Reader 

Reads chemical structures from a file.

Download Files with Authentication 

Download the files in the input URLs from a network share to a temporary local directory.

List Files with Authentication 

Creates a list with the UNC locations and Samba URLs of the files contained in a given folder on a server.

String to Table 

Converts the given base 64 encoded string back into the original table format.

Table to String 

Converts the given input table to a base 64 encoded string.

Upload Files with Authentication 

Upload the files in the input paths to the specified network share.