This category contains 8 nodes.

Download Files with Authentication 

Download the files in the input URLs from a network share to a temporary local directory.

List Files with Authentication 

Creates a list with the UNC locations and Samba URLs of the files contained in a given folder on a server.

String to Table 

Converts the given base 64 encoded string back into the original table format.

Table to String 

Converts the given input table to a base 64 encoded string.

Upload Files with Authentication 

Upload the files in the input paths to the specified network share.

XLS Coloured Writer 

Writes an XLS file, you can customise the background colour of the cells in the XLS file using the colour tab in the node configuration.

XLS Enumerate Named Ranges 

Enumerates sheet names and named ranges (cell reference ranges) contained in a workbook.

XLS Named Range Reader 

Reads a data table from a spread sheet.