Interactive Annotator

Node to annotate images by creating a labeling. This is useful to e.g. create training data for learning algorithms or create a ground-truth to test your algorithms etc.
Allows to work with processed images inside of workflows.



Tools and Labels
Allows to annotate images with user created labels using rectangles, points, ... Labelings will be created for all annotated images that are selected in the column selection tab. Not annotated images result in MissingCells.

  • Delete labels (removes labels and their annotations)
  • Add label (create a new label)
  • Set labels (change labels of selected annotations)
  • Reset colors (changes colors of selected labels)
  • Pan (move the viewport)
  • Selection (mark annotations press strg to chain)
Selected Annotations can be moved if the left mouse button is pressed and can be deleted by right clicking on them.

Column Selection

Column Creation Mode
Mode how to handle the selected column. The processed column can be added to a new table, appended to the end of the table, or the old column can be replaced by the new result
Column suffix
A suffix appended to the column name. If "Append" is not selected, it can be left empty.
Column Selection
Selection of the columns to be processed.

Label Settings

Add unique segment id as label
Additionally to the labels that are created by the user (label list) generates one label for each annotation component (each rectangle, point, ...).
Factory Type
Select the factory for the resulting labelings.
Storage Img Type
The internal number representation of the labelings. The datatype limits the maximum number of different labels.

Input Ports


Output Ports

Labelings that annotate the selected input images.


Displays the selected cells with their associated viewer if it exists.




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