This category contains 21 nodes.

Apply Color Settings To Labels 

Assigns a color table given by a table with labelings to a labeling.

Connected Component Analysis Streamable

Identifies connected components in an image.

Extract Outline Labeling Streamable

Extracts the inner outlines of a given labeling.

GraphCut 2D Streamable

Perform the graph cut algorithm to segment an image.

Interactive Annotator Streamable

Annotate your images.

Interactive Labeling Editor Streamable

This node allows manual editing of labelings.

Label Transformer Streamable

Transforms a label using the given expression. Attention: Only the Labeling Name is transformed!

Labeling Arithmetic Streamable

Labeling Arithmetic Node.

Labeling Converter Streamable

Converts a given input from one dataformat into the other

Labeling Cropper Streamable

Crops orthogonal selections from a labeling and recombines them to one labeling.