This node can be used to extract the values of the current RowID of an input table to a new column. The node can also be used to replace the current RowID of the input table with a generated RowID of the format: Row0, Row1, Row2, ..., or by the values of a selected column (by converting the values to string). In the latter case, the node provides options to ensure uniqueness and to handle missing values in the selected column. If both extraction of the RowID and replacement of the RowID are configured, the node appends a new column with the values of the current RowID to the table and replaces the current RowID with the values of the selected column or the generated RowID. Note: Hiliting does not work across this node if the "Enable hiliting" option is disabled.


Replace RowIDs
If selected the RowIDs will be replaced
Replacement mode
Replace the RowID by a newly generated one or the values of a column.
  • Generate new: If selected, a new RowID is generated with the format: Row0, Row1, Row2, ...
  • Use column: If selected, the RowID is replaced by the selected column.
ID column
The column to replace the current RowID.
Remove selected ID column
If selected, the column replacing the current RowID is removed from the table.
If ID column contains missing values
Fail if encountering missing values, or replace them.
  • Fail: If selected, the node fails if a missing value is encountered in the selected column.
  • Replace by "?": If selected, missing values are replaced with "?". We recommend also enabling the"Append counter" option to handle any duplicate missing values.
If ID column contains duplicates
Fail if encountering duplicate values, or make them unique.
  • Fail: If selected, the node fails if a duplicate value is encountered in the selected column.
  • Append counter: If selected, uniqueness is ensured by appending an incrementing number to duplicates.
Enable hiliting
If selected, a map is maintained joining the old with the new RowID. Depending on the number of rows, enabling this feature might consume a lot of memory.
Append column with RowID values
If selected, a new column with the values of the current RowID is appended to the table.
Column Name
The name of the column to append to the table.

Input Ports

The data table whose RowID to extract and/or replace.

Output Ports

The input table with a new column of extracted RowID values and/or with its RowID replaced.


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