This node sorts the rows according to user-defined criteria. In the dialog, select the columns according to which the data should be sorted. Also select whether it should be sorted in ascending or descending order. Additionally, provides the option to compare string-compatible columns in alphanumeric instead of lexicographic order, for example "Row2" before "Row10" instead of "Row10" before "Row2".


Add sorting criterion
Allows to refine the sorting by adding additional sorting criteria.
Sort in memory
If selected the table is sorted in memory which requires more memory, but is faster. In case the input table is large and memory is scarce it is recommended not to check this option.
Move Missing Cells to end of sorted list
If selected missing values are always placed at the end of the sorted output. This is independent of the sort order, i.e. if sorted ascendingly they are considered to be larger than a non-missing value and if sorted descendingly they are smaller than any non-missing value.

Input Ports

Table to be sorted.

Output Ports

A sorted table.


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