This category contains 15 nodes.

Bootstrap Sampling 

Samples the data using bootstrapping.

Concatenate Streamable

Concatenates two tables row-wise.

Concatenate (Optional in) StreamableDeprecated

Concatenates tables row-wise, inputs are optional.

Equal Size Sampling 

Removes rows from the input data set such that the values in a categorical column are equally distributed.


Groups the table by the selected column(s) and aggregates the remaining columns using the selected aggregation method.


Splits table into two partitions.


Pivots and groups the input table by the selected columns for pivoting and grouping; enhanced by column aggregations.


Calculates rankings for the selected groups based on the selected ranking attributes(s) and ranking mode.

Row Aggregator 

Aggregate columns.

Row Sampling 

Extracts a sample (a bunch of rows) from the input data.