Collection to String

The node converts one or more collection columns to a string representation. Each individual cell in the collection is converted using its 'toString()' method. Missing cells within collections can optionally be skipped. The separator string between cells can be changed. Individual cells can have prefixes and/or suffixes, and the entire collection can have a prefix and/or suffix. Any of these can include 'special' characters e.g. \t (tab), \n (new line) etc., or be left empty

This node was developed by Vernalis (Cambridge, UK) . For feedback and more information, please contact


Collection Columns
The List or Set column(s) to convert to strings
Replace input columns?
Should the input columns be replaced in situ? If not, new String columns will be appended to the table, with the suffix ' (String)' added to their name(s)
Fail if no matching columns
Should the node execution fail if there are no matching collection columns?
Skip missing values in collections?
Should missing value cells in collections be skipped or included in the output String
The prefix which is placed at the start of the whole string
Cell Prefix
The prefix which is placed before each individual cell representation
The character(s) to be placed between each cell
Cell Suffix
The suffix which is placed after each individual cell representation
The suffix which is placed at the end of the whole string

Input Ports

Table containing one or more collection (Set or List) columns

Output Ports

Table containing the input table with selected collection columns converted to Strings


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