Time Difference (legacy)

Appends the difference between two dates with the selected aggregation level (year, quarter, month, week, day, hour, minute) and a selected precision for rounding. For the second date/time there are four possibilities. The node can be configured to use the time at execution, the entries of a second column, a fixed date/time, or the time contained in the previous row.


Use execution time
Calculates the difference "current time" - "first date column"
Use second column
Calculates the difference "second date column" - "first date column"
Use fixed date
Calculates the difference "fixed date" - "first selected column"
Use previous row
Calculates in row n the difference "first date column in row n" - "first date column in row n - 1". The first cell will be missing.
Select first date column
Select the column containing the start date ("first date column")
Select second date column
Select a second column containing the end date ("second date column"; only for option "Use second column" available)
Select granularity of time difference
The granularity of the difference (in years, quarters, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes)
Rounding mode
How many fraction digits
Appended column name
Name of the newly appended column containing the time difference
Fixed time
Select a fixed time as the end date. ("fixed dates"; only for option "Use fixed date" available)

Input Ports

In data with at least one date columns

Output Ports

Out data with the time difference appended


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