Time Series (legacy)

Time Series Utilities (legacy)

This category contains 11 nodes.

Date Field Extractor (legacy) 

Extracts date fields from a date/time and appends the values as integer columns.

Date/Time Shift (legacy) 

Adds a value in a defined granularity to an existing date.

Extract Time Window (legacy) 

Extracts all rows within the specified time window.

Mask Date/Time (legacy) 

Masks (removes) date or time fields from existing date/time.

Preset Date/Time (legacy) 

Presets date or time to timestamps lacking this information.

String to Date/Time (legacy) Streamable

Parses date and/or time strings into date/time cells.

Time Difference (legacy) 

Appends the difference between two dates.

Time Field Extractor (legacy) 

Extracts time fields such as and appends the value as integer columns.

Time Generator (legacy) 

Generates time values

Time Series Missing Value Deprecated

This node handles missing values in a time series.