Salesforce SOQL

Perform a Salesforce Object Query. The dialog uses the incoming authentication information to query the objects and fields of the data in Salesforce and allows the user to write a SOQL.


Salesforce Objects
The objects as available in Salesforce. The list is queried when the dialog is opened.
Object fields
The fields defined for the selected object. Double-click the field to insert it into the SOQL Editor.
Flow Variables
Flow variables defined at the input. Double-click to insert a placeholder into the SOQL Editor.
The Salesforce Object Query to be run during node execution.
Output Representation
Specifies how the result set is represented. As of now only JSON output is supported (which can be easily parsed using the JSON Path node). Raw JSON returns the result of the Salesforce API call as-is, whereby different rows in the output represent different 'chunks' of the data.
Records JSON will parse the records array from the result set and split it into different rows (potentially doing multiple requests to the Salesforce API to retrieve all data). For any query using count() this array will be empty so set the respective checkbox to only read out the totalLimit value.

Input Ports

Salesforce Authentication Object

Output Ports

Result set in a JSON column, to be further processed using one of the JSON processing nodes.


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