Salesforce Authentication Extractor

Extracts Access Token and Instance URL from a Salesforce Connection. Optionally, the access token can be refreshed on execution so that downstream nodes will find a valid token upon execution. This node is usually upstream of a REST node (e.g. GET Request), whereby these nodes will use the instance url and the access token in their configuration.

In order to configure the a GET Request (or similar), further manipulate the instance URL by appending the correct endpoint location (e.g. using String Manipulation (Variable)) and, in the configuration of the GET Request node, add a Request Header called "Authorization" driven by the flow variable produced by this node.


Refresh token on execute
If selected, a request is made to Salesforce to refresh the access token. In case the input connection object carries a username + password authentication (as opposed to OAuth web authentication) this option is ignored and the access token is return as-is. (Username + Password authentication does not bear a refresh token).

Input Ports

Salesforce Authentication Object

Output Ports

The variables denote the Salesforce connection instance to be used and the access token as stored in the input object.


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