Salesforce Authentication

Authenticate with Salesforce. The authentication information can be used to query Salesforce using the Salesforce SOQL node or to extract temporary access tokens used in nodes such as GET Request. Note that in order to use this node the KNIME Analytics Platform needs to be registered with the respective Salesforce domain. Please contact your Salesforce administrator or KNIME to get more information.

Two types of authentication are supported, OAuth2 Interactive Authentication and Username & Password authentication. If in doubt, use the former as username & password authentication is discouraged according to the Salesforce documentation.


OAuth2 Interactive Authentication


Press this button to authentication with Salesforce. A page will be opened in your browser, which will ask you to sign in to your Salesforce account. Once you are logged in, you will be asked to accept the permission requests of the KNIME Analytics Platform application if you did not accept the permissions previously. If the authentication succeeded, you will be redirected to a page that states that the verification code has been received and that you may close the window. The status in the node dialog will update to "Authenticated".

When choosing the Node credentials storage location, the node saves a refresh token with access to your Salesforce account (with the specified permissions) in the node settings. Before sharing the workflow, you should clear your credentials in the node dialog.

Credentials Storage Location
Select where authentication credentials should be stored:
  • Memory: The authentication credentials will be kept in memory. They are discarded when closing KNIME.
  • Local File: The authentication credentials will be saved and loaded to and from the selected file.
  • Node: The authentication credentials will be saved in the node settings. If you choose this option, the workflow will contain your authentication information after is has been saved. Thus, access to your Microsoft account will be available to others if you share the workflow.
Clear Selected Credentials
Deletes the authentication credentials stored at the selected location. If Local File was selected, the file will be deleted if it contains previously stored credentials. Otherwise, the file will be left untouched and an error is displayed. If Node was selected, the credentials will be cleared from the node settings not before saving the workflow.
Clear All Credentials
Deletes all stored authentication credentials. Also see description of Clear Selected Credentials button. In case you do not want to share your credentials with this workflow, all credentials should be cleared beforehand.

Username + Password Authentication


Choose a credentials object to control username and password (generally preferred, especially when used on KNIME Server)

Username & password

Enter username, password and security token directly. Note the password and security token will be saved as part of the node configuration in a weakly encrypted (symmetric) format. The Security Token can be reset in the users's Salesforce Account settings.

Instance Type

Use Production Instance

Uses the production org. If in doubt, use this.

Use Test Instance

Connects to a Salesforce sandbox instance, which is isolated from the production org.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

The authentication including the tokens to access remote resources. Note the token itself is not saved as part of the port content. Especially when choosing the keep the authentication information "In Memory" (see above) it will be invalid when closing and re-opening the workflow (downstream nodes will fail albeit the node itself shown as executed).


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