Segment Features

Calculate features of an image under consideration of a given labeling. e.g.: Calculate each selected feature for each individual segment.



Segment Geometry
  • Basic geometric properties: e.g. size, perimeter, centroid, circulartiy, convexity, diameter, ...
Shape Descriptors
  • Centroid Distance: The distance from the centroid to the outline of this segment.
  • FD Centroid Distance: The distances from the centroid to the contour in fourier space. From the resulting fourier coefficients the magnitude is taken and their are normalized by the first component (cp. Fourier Descriptors). Please note that only (n/2)-1 features will be calculated (where n is the number of contour points). The number of samples must be a power of 2.

Segment Settings

Append labels of overlapping segments
If true, the labels of overlapping segments will be appended in an additional column (';'-separated).
Overlapping segments do NOT need to completely overlap
If selected, segments will also be counted as overlapping, if so don't overlap completely.
Append segment information
If selected, additional information of each segment will be add (e.g. bitmask, source labeling, label). Useful, e.g., if the resulting segment table should be composed again to a labeling (e.g. using the GroupBy-node).
Filter on segment labels
Only labels which hold the given rule considered during the calculation.
Filter overlapping segment labels
Only the labels that comply with the specified rules will appear in the list of overlapping labels.

Input Ports

Source labeling

Output Ports

Feature table


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