Segment Cropper

Crops segments, given by a labeling, of an image. The pixels that are not defined by the according segment a filled either with the maximum, minimum pixel value or zero. Two cases:

  • No additional Image: BitMasks of the ROIs will be extracted.
  • Additional Image: ROI will be filled with the values of the provided image.


Labeling Column
Labeling representing the Region of Interests (ROIs) to be cropped.
Image Column (optional)
How the image pixel will be organised in the memory. May have impact on the runtime of algorithms.
As we crop an labeling into a rectangular bounding box image, some pixels may not be covered by the ROI. Select the value of these pixels.
  • Minimum value of result image
  • Maximum value of result image
  • Set value to zero

Segment Label Filter

Filter on segment labels
Only labels which hold the given rule considered during the calculation.
Append labels of overlapping segments
If true, the labels of overlapping segments will be appended in an additional column (';'-separated).
Overlapping segments do NOT need to completely overlap
If selected, segments will also be counted as overlapping, if so don't overlap completely.
Filter on overlapping segment labels
Only the labels that comply with the specified rules will appear in the list of overlapping labels.

Input Ports

Images and corresponding Labeling in same column

Output Ports

Cropped Segments


Table Cell View
Cropped Segments




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