Text Output Widget (legacy)

Displays dynamic text. Superseded by the Text View node.

The node supports custom CSS styling. You can simply put CSS rules into a single string and set it as a flow variable 'customCSS' in the node configuration dialog. You will find the list of available classes and their description on our documentation page.


A descriptive label that will be shown.
Some lines of description that will be shown in the remote control form, for instance by means of a tooltip.
Text format
The format of the text. Can be plain text, pre-formatted (monospace text, retaining line breaks) or simple HTML.
Sanitize input data

Sanitizes the available flow variables using a default policy defined by OWASP.

Set this option if the text format is set to HTML and the used flow variables should be treated as strings or safe HTML strings.

The text. Double click the flow variables on the right to insert a placeholder, which will be replaced by the actual variable value upon execution.

Input Ports

Variables, which can be used in the text expression.

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


Interactive View: Text Output
The dynamic text output.




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