CASE Switch Start

This node routes its input to a selectable output port, allowing different branches of the workflow to be activated manually or using a flow variable. The input port type can be chosen when adding an input port using the “…” menu. The type can be changed by removing the input port and adding it again.

To migrate from the deprecated CASE Switch Model (Start) node, select Generic Port when creating the input port.


Select active port
Select the active output port. This can be controlled by an integer or string variable and used to create a string variable.
Activate all outputs during configuration step
When set the node will keep all outputs active during workflow configuration (that is, while the traffic light of the node is “yellow”). This allows the configuration of connected downstream nodes and simplifies the workflow design at the expense of additional configuration calls of nodes that are later on inactive. It's recommended to switch this flag off for production workflows as this avoids unnecessary configuration calls of the inactive branches.

Input Ports

Select the input port type and connect it. Only one input port can be selected at a time. If the input port is removed, all output ports are also removed.

Output Ports

The output ports. They are only present and editable if an input port type was selected and always have the same type. At least two outputs are required.


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