OSM Map View

Provides an interactive view on Open Street Maps (http://www.openstreetmap.org/). Optionally also some points of interest (map markers) can rendered onto it.


Optional columns containing coordinates of point of interests (map markers) to be overlaid on the open street map. The appearance of the markers are determined by row properties and can be set with the according nodes (Shape-, Size-, Color Manager Node).
Hover info
Information to be displayed if hovered over the map markers in the open street map view.
Map Polygons
An optional column can be specified that contains the information how to relate the map markers (coordinates in the table at port 0). The column has to contain a list of row keys (strings) that can be created by using the 'RowID'-node followed by the 'GroupBy'-node.
The map markers (addressed by the row key) that are enlisted in one list cell are connected to a polygon in the given order and drawn on top of the open street map. Row keys that are not present in the table at port 0 are ignored.
The color and line thickness of the polygons can be specified by using the 'Color Manager'- and 'Size Manager'-node. If the polygons to be drawn should be filled, just check 'Fill map polygon' (the line thickness has no effect than).

Input Ports

DataTable containing GPS coordinates to be visualized on top of the map.
An optional column that relates the Map Markers at in-port 0 to visualize GPS-tracks and -routes.

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


Open Street Map
An interactive view displaying the open street map. Use right mouse button to move, left double click or mouse wheel to zoom. Leaving the mouse pointer on a map marker will display additional information if available (i.e. hover info column have been selected). By spanning a rectangle (left mouse button) or clicking on points of interest they can also be selected and then highlighted.




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