Timer Info

This node reports individual and aggregate timing/execution information for all nodes of the workflow at this level and for (nested) metanodes up until the specified depth.

The output table lists all nodes in the workflow that were executed since the last reset. This also includes nodes in metanodes up to the specified nesting depth. The detailed statistics are:

  • Name: Name of the node
  • Execution Time: The execution time of the most recent execution.
  • Execution Time since last Reset: The aggregated execution time since the node was last reset. For all nodes but loop start and end nodes this value is the same as the "execution time". Start & end nodes do not get reset as part of a loop restart.
  • Execution Time since Start: The aggregated execution time since the workflow has been opened (or the node was instantiated).
  • Nr of Executions since last Reset: Number of executions since it was last reset. This is usually 1 (or 0 if node is not executed) but can be a larger number for loop start and end nodes.
  • Nr of Executions since Start: Number of times a node was executed since the workflow has been opened.
  • NodeID: The unique ID within the workflow associated with the node.
  • Classname: The java class name of the node -- used to uniquely identify the node implementation.

All times are reported in milliseconds.


max depth
Controls depth of reporting of nodes in (nested) metanodes. 0 = no descent.

Input Ports

Input Port - allows to make sure node is executed after others.

Output Ports

The collected timer information.


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