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Parquet Writer

StreamableKNIME BigData File Format Extension version 3.6.0.v201807042018 by KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland

This node writes the KNIME data table into a Parquet file. The Parquet file can be written locally or on a remote file system. It converts int, double, boolean and binary in the corresponding Parquet primitives. Other types are not yet supported.

For remote connections, the writer stores chunks locally and uploads them in parallel. The chunks size and the number of chunks that are allowed on local disc, are configurable in the "Chunk Upload" tab which is only enabled for remote file systems.


Output location
A path on the local machine or remote server where the file is written.
If this option is selected the file will be overwritten if it exists
File Compression
The compression codec used to write the Parquet file.

Chunk Upload

Chunk size in MB
The maximum size for an individual chunk.
Number of local chunks
The number of chunks that can be stored temporarily on disc, while the next chunk is written.

Input Ports

An optional connection to the remote file system
The data table that should be written


Update Site

To use this node in KNIME, install KNIME BigData File Format Extension from the following update site:

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