Amazon S3 Connection (legacy)

This node configures the connection information that will be used to connect to Amazon S3. Using this connection the other KNIME remote file handling nodes can be used to create directory, list, delete, download and upload files from and to Amazon S3.

The connection information is encoded in the format s3://accessKeyId@region. The protocol is s3 and the host is the region name. The first folder path is the bucket name and the rest is the object key, e.g. s3://AZHC7SNUZCTTSGGRGBXG@eu-west-1/knime-bucket/data/ defines the object data/ in the bucket knime-bucket, which is stored in the region eu-west-1. The access key ID is AZHC7SNUZCTTSGGRGBXG.

The region name, the bucket name and the object key are needed in order to delete, download, or upload objects from a list. The access key ID is not needed. For instance, to delete the above mentioned object, it is needed to encode the path to s3://eu-west-1/knime-bucket/data/ in the list.

For further documentation please take a look at the AWS Documentation.

This legacy file handling node has been replaced by the Amazon S3 Connector and will be deprecated in the foreseeable future. For further information about the new file handling framework see the File Handling Guide.


Method for authentication
Workflow Credentials
Use workflow credentials to determine the access key ID and the secret access key. The login is used as the access key ID and the password is used as the secret access key.
Access Key ID and Secret Access Key
The AWS access key ID used to authenticate.
The AWS secret access key used to authenticate.
Default Credential Provider Chain
When selected the default credential provider chain is used for authentication. Default location is "~/.aws/credentials" on most platforms.
Switch Role
Switch your IAM role. For more information see: Switching to a Role
The 12-digit account ID for which the role should be assumed.
The name of the role that should be assumed.
The Amazon S3 geographical region to store the buckets that the user creates.
The timeout in milliseconds when initially establishing a connection.
Test connection
Open dialog that tests the current connection.

Note: The connection will also succeed if you have restricted permissions for file listing in S3. In that case browsing in the file handling nodes will not be possible but paths can be entered manually.

Use SSE (Server Side Encryption)
If checked, uploads will use server side encryption.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Port object containing the S3 connection information.


This node has no views




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