Data Generator

Creates random data containing some clusters for Parallel Universes. The data contains a certain fraction of noise patterns and data that is generated to clusters (all clusters have the same size). The data is normalized in [0, 1].


Cluster Count
The number of clusters for each universe (comma separated).
Universe Sizes
The number of attributes for each universe (comma separated).
Pattern Count
Number of patterns (overall).
Standard Deviation
Std. dev. for each cluster.
Noise Fraction
Fraction of the overall data to be noise, i.e. randomly drawn data. This value must be in [0, 1].
Random Seed
Seed for "deterministic" data generation.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Contains the data with the cluster id as last column
Contains the cluster centers. The attributes in the universes where the cluster is not located, are filled with missing values.


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