String Replacer

Replaces values in string cells if they match a certain wildcard pattern.


Target column
Name of the column whose cells should be processed
Pattern type
Select the type of pattern which you want to use. If you select wildcard, then * and ? are (the only) meta-characters. They match an arbitrary number of characters or a single character, respectively.
If you select regular expression you can use the full functionality of Java regular expressions, including backreferences in the replacement text. See the Java API for details.
Either a wildcard pattern or a regular expression, depending on the pattern type selected above.
Replacement text
The text that replaces that previous value in the cell if the pattern matched the previous value. If you are using a regular expression, you may also use backreferences (e.g. $1).
Replace whole string
The entire string (i.e. the entire cell content) is replaced when it completely matches the search pattern (including the meta characters * and ?).
Replace all substrings
All occurrences of the entered pattern are replaced in the target column. The meta characters * and ? are not allowed in the pattern in this case.
Case sensitive search
Check this if the pattern should be case sensitive
Use backslash as escape character
If you want to replace the wildcard characters * and ? themselves, you need to enable this option and escape them using a backslash (\* or \?). In order to replace a backslash you need to escape the backslash, too (\\).
Append new column
Creates a new column with the name entered in the text field instead of replacing the values in the original column.

Input Ports

Arbitrary input data.

Output Ports

Input table with replaced values or an additional column.


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