String to Number

Converts strings in a column (or a set of columns) to numbers. If the node fails to parse a string, it will generate a missing cell and append a warning message to the KNIME Console with detailed information.


Column Selection
Move the columns of interest into the "Include" list
Choose the DataType that your string should be converted to.
Decimal Separator
Choose a decimal separator, which is used to mark the boundary between the integral and the fractional parts of the decimal string.
Thousands Separator
Choose a thousands separator used in the decimal string to group together three digits.
Accept type suffix, e.g. 'd', 'D', 'f', 'F'
When checked, the type suffix will be accepted, otherwise it fails to parse input like 1d. These suffixes are typically used in java-style programs to represent floating point numbers ('f' for float and 'd' for double). Default is not checked.

Input Ports

Arbitrary input data.

Output Ports

Input data with new DoubleTypes.


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