Cell Splitter By Position

Splits the content of a selected column into several separate new columns. The data is always split at the same position(s) specified in the node's dialog. It appends a fixed number of columns to the input table, each carrying one part of the original column. The number of appended columns equals the number of specified split points plus one.
If the data in the selected column is shorter than the specified split point, the corresponding result column contains an empty string. Also missing values in the selected column will create empty strings in the result columns.


Split indices
Enter the position(s) of the splits, separated by a comma. For example, the string "ABCDEFG" with the split points "2,4" creates three new columns carrying the results "AB", "CD", and "EFG". The specified split points must be strictly increasing numbers larger than zero.
New column names
Enter the name(s) for the appended columns separated by a comma. Names must be unique and not existing in the input table. Specify as many as you defined split points plus one. All newly created columns are of type String.
Column to split
Select the column whose content should be split. Only String columns can be selected.

Input Ports

DataTable with column to split

Output Ports

DataTable with additional columns carrying the split input column


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