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Align pharmacophores

KNIME nodes to read/write pharmacophore files and align them version 1.0.4.v201909241614 by Netherlands eScience Center

Align the query pharmacophores to the reference pharmacophore. This node computes the aligned query pharmacophore, the transformation matrix and Root-mean-square deviation (RMSD).


  1. Find pairs probe and reference points that are same type and are not too far apart.
  2. Find biggest clique of pairs, using BronKerbosch clique detection algorithm .
  3. Calculate optimal translation and rotation using Kabsch algorithm for all the found cliques.
  4. Calculate RMSD and aligned pharmacophore based on points in each clique.


Advanced Options

Tolerance threshold for considering two distances to be equivalent
Break num cliques
Break when set number of cliques is found
Cliques to align
Number of cliques of each query pharmacophore to align. Increasing this number will produce alignments of smaller cliques and cliques with less types.

Input Ports

The table with pharmacophores to be aligned.

Output Ports

Aligned pharmacophores with transformation matrix, RMSD, clique index and size of clique.

Best Friends (Incoming)

Best Friends (Outgoing)


To use this node in KNIME, install 3D-e-Chem KNIME nodes from the following update site:


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