Signal Smoothing

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Takes a one dimensional input signal in the form of measurement values in a table column, applies a smoothing algorithm and returns the smoothed signal. The node expects the input table to have at least one input column compatible with double values and will either replace that column with the smoothed signal or place it in a new appended column. Currently supported smoothing algorithms are:

  • Rectangular Smoothing: Replaces each value by the mean of its predecessors and successors. Keeps the first and the last value.
  • Triangular Smoothing: Similar to the rectangular smoothing but applies weights. The weights get lower the farther away the value used for smoothing are.


Filter Type
Choose the type of filter (smoothing algorithm) to use.

Input Ports

A table with at least one double compatible column serving as the input signal.

Output Ports

The output table containing the smoothed signal either by replacing the input column or appended as a new column.


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