Line Chart (JFreeChart)

Displays a line plot with JFreeChart. A line chart uses x,y data points and connects them by a line. Hiliting is not supported. For general settings of the generated image, see the "General Plot Options" Tab.

The second in-port provides the possibility to specify colors for the different lines/columns in the plot. Therefore append a Extract Column Header and Transpose node to the data table which should be plotted in this node. Afterwards use the Color Manager to append the colors based on the individual column names. The node automatically selects the column from the Color Manager and assigns the color values to the plotted columns.


Line Chart Options

X axis
This option specifies which x-value should be used to plot against the y values. If a numerical column is selected here, the value of this column in the current row is used. Also a date and time column can be chosen, the look of the labels can than be configured using the Date Format option. If "none" is selected, the row number will be used instead.
Y columns
Each numerical column included is represented by one line in the view.
No. of rows to display
Use this numerical value to restrict the number of rows used for visualization.
Line width
Specifies the line width.
Auto range axis
This flag sets the focus on the plotted data, shifting the data to the middle of the plot.
Use domain information
Using this option, the axis ranges are determined by bounds from the domain.
Label for X axis
If activated the X-axis is named accordingly
Label for Y axis
If activated the Y-axis is named accordingly
Date format
A format string as required by the java.text.SimpleDateFormat.
  • "yyyy.MM.dd HH:mm:ss.SSS" parses dates like "2001.07.04 12:08:56.000"
  • "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ" parses dates like "2001-07-04T12:08:56.235-0700"
Show color caption
Switches the legend on/off. The legend shows the mapping between colors used in the view and the respective column names.

General Plot Options

Type of Image
The type of the created image can either be png or svg. PNGs are mostly smaller, SVGs provide details about plot and the possibility to be changed individually.
Title of Graph
The title of the graph shown above the generated image. If the title is not activated, no title will be shown.
Width of Image (in pixel)
The width of the generated image, not the plot width.
Height of Image (in pixel)
The height of the generated image, not the plot height.
Background Color
The color of the background of the image. Hence this color is used for the area behind and around the plot as well as behind potential axis and legends.
Plot Background Color
The color of the background of the plot. Hence this color is used for the empty space in a plot.
Plot Background Alpha
The transparency of the plot background can be modified using an additional alpha value. An alpha value of 1 does not change the background transparency. Decreasing the alpha value will increase the plot background transparency.
Scale Font Size
Factor changes the font sizes within the JFreeChart view. A value greater the 1 increases all view fonts, a value between 0 and 1 decrease them.

Input Ports

Data table containing the data for the chart
Data table containing one column with the column names of table which has in addition a color assigned

Output Ports

The image of the plot (SVG or PNG)


Line Chart
Displays the line chart of the input data.




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