Domain Calculator

Scans the data and updates the possible values list and/or the min- and max values of selected columns. This node is useful when the domain information of the data has changed and must be updated in the table specification, for instance, the domain information as contained in a table spec may be void when a row filtering (e.g. outlier removal) is carried out.


Possible Values

Include the columns, for which possible values shall be determined and be put in the table specification. The default dialog option selects all columns, which can represent themselves as String. For all non-selected columns (the Exclude list) the possible value domain will be dropped or retained, depending on the selection of the corresponding buttons below the Exclude list.

You can also restrict the number of different values using the checkbox and the accompanying spinner at the bottom of this tab. If there are more possible values than set in the spinner, all values are discarded and the column's meta information won't support querying the possible values.

Min & Max
Select all columns for which min and max values shall be determined. The default dialog option includes all "boundable" columns, for instance numeric ones. Also select what happens with columns in the Exclude list, i.e. either dropping the min/max domain that is available in the input table or retaining it.

Input Ports

Any input data.

Output Ports

Input data with corrected specification.


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