Nominal Value Row Splitter

Splits the rows based on the selected value of a nominal attribute. A nominal column can be selected and one or more nominal values of this attribute. Rows which have this nominal value in the selected column are included in the output data at out-port 0, the rest at out-port 1.

In order for a nominal column to appear in the node dialog, its domain (the set of values that appear in the column) must be calculated. For columns with few values (less than 60) this is done automatically. To ensure the domain is properly set, use the Domain Calculator node or the Edit Nominal Domain node.


Select column
Select the (nominal) column which contains the nominal values to split.
Nominal value selection
Select which values to be in the top or bottom output port.

Input Ports

Data that should be split

Output Ports

Matching rows
Non-matching rows


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