Category contains all nodes required to test and evaluate the Cyface process.

This category contains 6 nodes.

Cyface Binary Format Exporter 

Exports Cyface measurement data of geo locations, accelerations, rotations and directions into the cyface binary format.

Cyface Binary Format Reader 

Reads a file in Cyface binary format and transforms it to a KNIME table

Envelope Function 

Calculates the upper envelope function for another function.

Equidistance Transfomer 

Takes a function f(x) defined by two columns containing the values for x and for f(x) and calculate a new function on x where f(x) are equdistant points […]

Signal Smoothing 

Applies a smoothing algorithm to an input signal.

Timestamp Aligner 

Takes two tables with timestamp columns and and assigns to each column from the first table the column from the second table with the closest previous […]