Chunk Loop Run-to-time Loop Start

Loop start node to chunk table into blocks and run until a specified time of day has passed. The user can specify the number of rows to process in each chunk, and the time (hh:mm) at which the last iteration will start before. The loop will execute until that time is reached, when no further rows will be processed. If connected to a Run-to-time Loop end, the unprocessed rows will be available directly in the final port of the loop end node.

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Number of rows per chunk
The number of rows to be processed during each loop iteration

Expiry time

End time (hh:mm):
The time at which execution will finish (hh : mm)
Run to tomorrow
If the expiry time has already passed today at the time of loop execution commencement it will run until that time tomorrow
Run through weekend
If the expiry time (accounting for the 'Run to tomorrow' setting) is on a Saturday or Sunday, then the loop will run until that time on the following Monday
Start value of iteration counter
Allows the user to manually set the value at which the iteration counter will start (does not affect the processing of the table!)

Input Ports

Input table to process

Output Ports

The current data chunk


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