Extract Attribute

This node extracts attribute values from a WebElement. For the specified attribute name, the attribute values are appended as string column to the input table. In case, an attribute is not present, a missing value cell is appended.


Search Mode
Select “Input Column” if your input table already contains the WebElement which you want to use. Otherwise select “Find Element(s)” to open a picker dialog which allows you to chose the WebElement(s). For more information about the dialog, please check the documentation of the “Find Elements” node.
(when mode is “Input Column”) Input column which provides the WebElement(s)
Remove input column
(when mode is “Input Column”) Removes the input column from the result table
(when mode is “Find Element(s)”) Click the “Edit” button to open the picker dialog.
Attribute name
The name of the attribute
Change output column name (*)
Enter a custom name for the appended output column, or leave this blank to auto-generate the name based on the input column name and attribute

Input Ports

Table with a column providing WebElements to extract

Output Ports

Table with appended column holding the values of the attribute


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