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This node allows to extract various location-related information for given IP addresses via MaxMind’s GeoIP2 data, such a country, city, postal codes, coordinates, and various technical details. It supports IPv4 addresses (e.g. and IPv6 addresses (e.g. 2001:db8::1:0:0:1; using the “canonical form” according to RFC 5952 is recommended, but any valid string representation is handled).

You can use the node with different data sources:

  • Using the “GeoIP2 WS Connector” node, you can access MaxMind’s REST API.
  • Using the “GeoIP2 DB Connector” node, you can work with a local version of the MaxMind database.

For more details, please check the corresponding nodes’ documentation.

Please note that (quoting from here): “IP geolocation is inherently imprecise. Locations are often near the center of the population. Any location provided by a GeoIP2 database or web service should not be used to identify a particular address or household.”

The selected “Response Type” determines the kind and granularity (i.e. columns) of data to return. The available Response Types on the other hand depend on the data source which is connected as input to this node. Currently, the following types are supported (for a fine-grained description of all fields please see here):

Response Type Explanation
Country Information about the continent, country, and the network in CIDR notation where the user of the IP address is located. See here for more details.
City Includes all information from “Country” and additional information about the city, zip code, metro code, time zone, latitude/longitude, accuracy, ISP/organization, domain and AS number. See here for more details.
Insights Includes all information from “City” and additional “insights”: Is IP used as an anonymizer, the type of anonymizer (e.g. proxy or VPN), is the IP static or dynamic, a user type classification (e.g. whether IP is used as “business, residence, cellular connection, traveler, government/military entity, and more”). See here for more details.
ASN Provides only information related to the autonomous system (i.e. ISP-related information) of the IP address.


Select the input column which contains the IP addresses.
Output Column Prefix (*)
Set a prefix for the appended column names.
Response Type
Select the type of data you want to extract (the available options depend on the data source which you connect to the node’s input).

Input Ports

Connector to the MaxMind data.
The input table which contains a column with IP addresses as string values.

Output Ports

Output table which contains the location-related information for the given IP addresses. The actual columns available depend on the selected “Response Type”. The last two columns contain raw GeoIP2 JSON result and error information (in case one occurred -- in this case all other columns contain missing values).


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