Date Extractor

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This node extracts all dates and times from text and documents.


Column in the input table with the text to extract.
Drop input column
Enable to remove the input column from the output table.
Output column name
The name/prefix of the appended output column(s).
Specify how extracted dates should be mapped to column values; the following mapping types are available:
  • Rows: Create one new row with a date and time cell for each found date per input.
  • Collection Cell: Create a single row per input with a collection cell which contains all found dates.
  • Date and Time Cell (first): Create a single row with a date and time cell for each input row (or a missing value in case no date was found)
Append a column with the parse pattern
When activated, an additional column is added to the output table, which denotes the pattern which was used for parsing the date, e.g. YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MM. (in case “Collection Cell” is selected, this is a Collection Cell as well)
Append a column with the input Row ID
When activated, an additional column with the Row ID of the input column is appended.

Input Ports

Input text as string.

Output Ports

Table with extracted dates following the “Mapping” as specified in the configuration.


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