Date&Time to String

Converts the time values in Date&Time columns into strings using a user-provided format pattern as defined by DateTimeFormatter .


Column Selection

Column Selector
Only the included columns will be formatted.

Replace/Append Selection

Append selected columns
The selected columns will be appended to the input table. The suffix of the appended columns can be provided in the text field to the right.
Replace selected columns
The selected columns will be replaced by the converted columns.

Format Selection

Date format
A format string (defined by DateTimeFormatter).
  • "yyyy.MM.dd HH:mm:ss.SSS" produces dates such as "2001.07.04 12:08:56.000"
  • "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ" produces dates such as "2001-07-04T12:08:56.235-0700"
  • "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSXXX'['VV']'" produces dates such as "2001-07-04T12:08:56.235+02:00[Europe/Berlin]"
Supported placeholders in the pattern are:
  • G: era
  • u: year
  • y: year of era
  • D: day of year
  • M: month in year (context sensitive)
  • L: month in year (standalone form)
  • d: day of month
  • Q: quarter of year
  • q: quarter of year
  • Y: week based year
  • w: week of week based year
  • W: week of month
  • E: day of week
  • e: localized day of week
  • c: localized day of week
  • F: week of month
  • a: am/pm of day
  • h: clock hour of am/pm (1-12)
  • K: hour of am/pm (0-11)
  • k: clock hour of am/pm (1-24)
  • H: hour of day (0-23)
  • m: minute of hour
  • s: second of minute
  • S: fraction of second
  • A: milli of day
  • n: nano of second
  • N: nano of second
  • V: time zone ID
  • z: time zone name
  • O: localized zone offset
  • X zone offset ('Z' for zero)
  • x: zone offset
  • Z: zone offset
  • p: pad next
  • ' : escape for text
  • '': single quote
  • [: optional section start
  • ]: optional section end
Shows a preview of the current settings applied to the current date and time.

Input Ports

Input table.

Output Ports

Output table containing the parsed columns.


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