This category contains 12 nodes.

Date&Time Part Extractor Streamable

Extracts date and/or time fields from date & time cells.

Date&Time to legacy Date&Time Streamable

Converts new Date&Time to old.

Date&Time to String Streamable

Converts Date&Time cells into cells holding strings.

Duration to Number Streamable

Converts duration cells to single duration fields.

Duration to String Streamable

Converts a duration to a string.

Extract Date&Time Fields StreamableDeprecated

Extracts date and/or time fields from date&time cells.

Extract Duration Fields Streamable

Extracts duration fields from duration cells.

Legacy Date&Time to Date&Time Streamable

Converts old Date&Time to new.

String to Date&Time Streamable

Parses date and/or time strings into Date&Time cells.

String to Duration Streamable

Converts a string to a duration.